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The Little m Company Limited:

Little M-theory:

In 2007, we stumbled upon a branch of particle physics, which is known as 'Little M-theory', whilst checking some of our own Little m Company details on a search engine. Given the coincidence of the name of the theory and our own company, we decided to find out more. Despite his incredibly hectic schedule, Dr. Jesse M Thaler, one of the three originators of Little M-theory, was kind enough to provide us with some background information, which included references to string theory, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and something called 'little Higgs' ('Higgs' as in Peter Higgs, of Higgs Boson fame). Little did we know at the time how prominent the latter two items were to become in international news the following year. Given Dr. Thaler's gesture to us, we feel the least we can do is to give him a name check. If you're searching for information on Little M-theory, or related matters, and ended up here by mistake, we hope the links below will help you get back to the right place: